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[IP] Pizza Hut- Mag

Mag wrote:
> What is up with Pizza Hut?  It must be the high fat...But 
>we no longer go there because we cannot control high 
> numbers after eating.

No disrespect intended, cuz I KNOW you are doing a great job with Matt, 

you say he likes Pizza Hut...yet you won't take him anymore cuz you can't 
control the high numbers...I just don't agree with this thinking.  What is a 
few hours or a day of high numbers? Pizza is one of the true gifts of heaven, 
and Pizza Hut is probably the Ben and Jerry's of pizza places!  You say he 
can tolerate OTHER pizza, just not Pizza Hut.  I know, as his mom, you 
probably take all of his "bad" numbers as a personal failure (even htough it 
ISN'T!!), but honestly, it ain't gonna hurt him, or anyone else, to have a 
few hours or a day of high numbers in exchange for the pure pleasure of PIZZA 

Heck you can have high numbers due to a bad site or bad insulin or getting 
sick or an air bubble...you can't "control" those things, so why try to 
"control" pizza hut.     It won't even have an effect, in the long run, on 
the A1C, if that meaningless number "guides" your life.

You/We can't control everything...how will you/we/he ever learn how to work 
around high blood sugars, if not control them, if you/he/we don't practice?  
Are you going to insist we/he give up chinese food as well since it also 
causes unpredictable bg rises in many people.  Would you suggest not seeing 
ANY theatre on the chance that you MIGHT see BAD theatre???  (VBG)  Rather, 
teach him/us how to do split boluses, or program temp basals, so he/we can 
enjoy EVERYTHING life has to offer...even the bad theatre, which I PROMISE is 
even worse when your blood sugar is out of kilter...

I am not tring to be argumentative, but I think if you are going to not allow 
him to eat a wonderful treat like pizza, simply cuz you can't "control" it, 
then you are forgetting about the whole purpose of being on a pump.  If we 
are high 4 or 5 hours after a meal, we have the ability to IMMEDIATELY 
administer a bolus to take care of it.  We can program in a temporary basal 
when we eat those high fat meals so that we DON'T have to live a life of 
EXclusion. Matt is probably too young to remember those days when everyone in 
class got a cup cake at Johnny's birthday, and WE, the defective, got a shiny 
red apple....Matt is so lucky to have you but I just hope you will let him 
have his (cup) cake...and eat it too!!!

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