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[IP] Re: Soon 2B Pumping (long reply)

My son (Mark) is also 4 and he started pumping with Disetronic right before Christmas.  He was also the youngest our endo had put on the pump (and that was largely due to a lot of asking, begging, pestering, etc. on this crazy, over-involved Mom-who-believes-everything-she-reads-on-the-kooky-internet's part).

During the day, Mark wears his pump in the Child's Harness available from Minimed (we have the denim and white models).  The harness is great because it is like a backpack and it can be worn underneath clothes (or on top if you like).  Of course, this means that the pump is out of the child's reach, so he will probably not be able to do his own bolus.  Right now, mom and dad are the only ones doing boluses anyway, so that is not an issue with us.  We tried the velcro waist strap with the D sports case attached but that was just too big and kept sliding around and falling off because Mark is so active and on the small side (38 lbs, 40 inches).

At night, we put the pump in one of Mark's old baby socks and pin the sock to the inside of his jammies (usually pinned to his right side because he likes to sleep on the left).

Mark's basals are .1 from midnight to 7am, .3 from 7 to 8am, .4 from 9 to 10 am, and .2 from 11 am to 11 pm.  We use Humalog and do not dilute the insulin.  Mark's boluses are given in .1 unit increments.  We are putting the sites in Mark's rump; we have tried a few tummy sites with softsets but they do not seem to stick as well - we always seem to be applying more IV prep and tape the day after a tummy site and it inevitably fails anyway before 2 days is up.  Tenders may be the thing for us to try in the tummy, though.  

We change the site after 2 days because if we don't he ends up being high at lunch the next day and then we have to answer all kinds of questions from the preschool folks about "what the parents have done wrong this time".  We are using the Softset Micro QR with the Soft-serter and not using any numbing agent to do insertions.  Mark is such a trooper, but he always has been (poked and prodded his ENTIRE life and started taking shots at 2 months old!).

We are still working out the basals and everything but things have definitely gotten better than what they were last month (and exponentially better than what they were on MDI!).  I can not imagine going back to shots and never dreamed that we would actually be able to fine-tune insulin doses to the tenth of a unit as the pump allows us to do today.

We are going to see the doctor tomorrow for the first time since starting the pump, so we'll find out what she thinks of our experience and results so far.

Best Regards,
Beth Mullen
Mom to 4 year old Mark, dx 12/95 after pancreatectomy to correct hyperinsulinism, pumping since 12/99

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