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[IP] Pizza Info...Sorry So Long

Ok, below I have listed nutritional info links for the different kinds of
take out pizza.  I also at the bottom did a comparison of the different ones
to show how they differ.

If I missed any places let me know and I will look them up.

-- Sherry

Pizza Hut
Click on Nutritional Info
Nice chart depending on crust type and then topping types.

Click on Type of Pizza
Give nutritional info for Cheese Pizza of that type and then lets you pick
toppings and recalculate the nutritional info.

Papa Johns
Click on Nutritional Info
Nice chart depending on crust type and then topping types.
Even has a column with suggested exchanges per slice.

Chuck E Cheese's
PDF File <Adobe Acrobat Reader is free if you need a pdf reader>

Faro's Pizza
(Southwest Michigan) <Not on site>

Pizza Inn
<Not on site>

<Not on site>

Little Caesars
<Don't have Flash/Shockwave Plug-in, might be on site>

Papa Ginos
<Not on site>

Pizzeria Uno
<Not on site>


Store             weight of slice   CHO   FAT   PRO   CAL   SIZE

Chucky Cheese              59g     21.5g   5g   7.5g   165  MED

Papa Johns: Thin           80g       22g   12g    9g   225  LARGE*
Papa Johns: Original      110g       37g    9g   12g   270  LARGE**

Pizza Hut: Thin 'n Crispy  79g       27g   10g   11g   243  MED
Pizza Hut: Hand Tossed    103g       43g    9g   14g   309  MED
Pizza Hut: Pan            111g       44g   15g   13g   361  MED

Dominos:Crunchy Thin     79.5g       22g  8.3g  8.4g   191  LARGE
Dominos: Hand Tossed    109.5g     37.5g  7.7g 10.5g   258  LARGE
Dominos: Deep Dish        128g       40g 14.8g   13g   338  LARGE

*Exchanges: 1 1/2 Starch, 1 Med Fat Meat, 1 Fat
**Exchanges: 2 1/2 Starch, 1 1/4 Med Fat Meat, 1 Fat