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Re: [IP] Merck Medco - Test Strip Nightmare

Oh jeez Kathy, i'm waiting for Matt's 900 strips from Merck-Medco as we 
speak!  After a zillion phone calls, the pharmacist finally called me back 
yesterday. I told him my son needed the strips yesterday!  I clarified the 
script. It reads to test 10x a day, give 3 mos supply, which is 900 strips!  
He said, "oh god, that's alot". Yeah, tell my son, he doesn't know it!  
:)..............I can only hope 900 strips come soon! And to top it off there 
the Dex cartridges i'm waiting for..........oh nooooooo, let's see there are 
10 to a disc, he'll need 90 disc.......i hope they figure it out correctly!

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