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Re: [IP] wasp sting update

thanks to everyone who responded...thought I would update what happened.  By
lunch Jessica was 240...bolused extra for high and ate lunch.  At 2 the
nurse calls and Jessica's meter is just saying HI...this is over 600 on her
meter.  I raced to the school and took her home.  Paged her endo (who
responded in 45 seconds!!!)  He said she may be having a type of allergic
reaction and to give her 2 units now and then 1 unit every 2 hours until we
see a noticeable drop.  Well by 4 she was 464, by 5 396 and by 7 she was 79.
Of course she couldn't stand to miss her gymnastics class so she did that
from 5:45 - 7pm.  This morning her hand (she got stung on her ring finger)
is a bit swollen and red still.  She says it itches like crazy and she
scratched it continuously as she ate breakfast.  I will have to keep an eye
on it as Michael pointed out the infection possiblity.  But as I have now
learned she certainly did have a reaction to the sting or adrenalin or
whatever!  Live and learn.  Sugars are back to normal today though!!

Mom of Jessica, age 8, diagnosed @ 9 months, pumping 1.7 years, & Jarred, 9

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