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Re: [IP] Re: time for insulin to kick in

email @ redacted wrote:

>     So..bottom line.......for those who find it takes 3-4 hours for Humalog
> to stop affecting your bgs: just "ignore" the 2 hr high & be patient?????

I never want to prescribe for anyone else because my diabetes is
different from most people, but the above is pretty much what I do.

I TRY to stay under 200 at 2 hours, succeed some of the time, and fail
some of the time. But even if I'm, say,  250 at 2 hours, I wait until 4
hours. Sometimes I'm completely down (below 120) by that time, and
sometimes I'm still pretty far up there, say 180 -- at which point I
correct. By that time, I can usually plan on being down within 2 hours
after the correction, which is usually a small one -- 1 or 1 1/2 units. 

One thing the pump has done for me is allow me to use a temporary basal
for high-fat/protein meals, so I have the problem less often than I used
to. But it still kicks me in the butt from time to time!!!! 

For ME, a temporary high like that DOESN'T particularly affect A1c.
Glycation of tissues is a longer-term process -- a quick spike and drop
doesn't really seem to do anything. It's the protracted highs and the
bouncing around that cause the damage, so far as I can tell from
discussions with my doctor and the reading I've done.  

In addition, I don't feel too bad if the high comes down quickly -- it's
the protracted highs that leave me feeling yucky. And if I'm on a
rollercoaster (happens rarely!), I feel yucky too -- I'd rather work
gradually for stable BGs. 

In fact, most of the time I feel so good that sometimes I have to sit
back and consciously recall how BAD it was before I went on insulin. One
of my worst nightmares is the thought of having to change docs and
having him want to take me off insulin! And the idea that Medicare (13
years in my future!) might not allow me to continue to use the pump
(because I'm sure my C-peptide would be over 0.5) is totally scary

Ack, gotta stop obsessing!

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