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[IP] Lows after exercise

     Hi all,
     I just saw my doc and she noted that I was experiencing too many lows. 
     I looked at her and said really? (quite sarcastically) Most of them 
     are after my evening workout. I teach aerobics 5 times a week and 
     after my evening class I have been repeatedly in the 30-40's. My doc 
     said to run a temp basal starting right before class. I tried that 
     last night and was still low after class but 2-3 hours later I was sky 
     high 298 (normally don't rebound like that). Just curious as to what 
     others had tried. 
     Also funny stories seem to be abound lately so I thought I would add 
     mine. Not related to lows but pumping on your wedding day.  I had one 
     of the full dresses, big train the works. The bodice was tight (so 
     couldn't put it in my bra). I opted for the thigh thing from minimed. 
     Anyway, the reception comes and dinner is about to be served. I  was 
     running a bit high, excitement and nerves no doubt. I was trying to 
     figure out how to get to my pump. IT was on my upper thigh under about 
     6 layers of slips, netting, and dress. The was bodice was tight so I 
     could bend very well. I have the 507c, no remote. Well I ended up the 
     bath room with my aunt, mom (both type 1 diabetic too) and a 
     flashlight. Got some strange looks from guests as they came in and saw 
     my aunt on her knees with the flashlight looking up my dress and my 
     mom trying her best to hold the dress up. At least no one ran in with 
     OJ thinking the three of us were experiencing some sort of 
     simultaneously low.
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