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Re: [IP] Re: time for insulin to kick in

Natalie: (It must be something in the air in Reno!!!!!!!!!!!  :)
   Well, we've never been to Reno, so it must be something in the air in 
Philadelphia too!! You seem to have provided the perfect solution to our 
latest conundrum with Melissa....
   After a roller-coaster day precipitated by her awakening at 100, grabbing 
some dry Honey Nut Cheerios (always problematic for bgs) on the way out the 
door, zooming to 300 when she checked later, over-bolusing, going low & then 
even lower while she was eating her lunch, dropping back to 145 by 3:00, 
after-school snacking & zooming to 275 by dinner at 6:00, taking 6 units pre 
dinner & another 6 post-dinner (which good old mom "thought" was too much, 
but what do I know???), then crashing to the 60s less than 2 hours later, & 
still being there 20 minutes after eating A LOT, then taking 4 units for her 
mini-banquet, being 200 at bedtime ( don't think she corrected???) and THEN:
    TA DA: awakening us at 3:00 ( why is it ALWAYS 3:00??) to inform us she 
was 465!!! ( guess if you bounce on a trampoline enough times, you REALLY can 
soar!)...I calculated a bolus of 9 to bring her back to 100, plus an 
additional 2/3 to offset the insulin resistance from being so high= 15 units 
via pen. She removed her pump, and everything looked fine ( definitely food 
vs insulin- related I believe), but was feeling too awful to re-insert, so I 
let her go back to sleep, set my alarm for 6:00, checked her & was feeling 
oh-so-smart to find her bgs at 117! Even groggy dad was impressed. Melissa 
was still too tired to get up & said she'd change her whole set/reservoir at 
    So we re-awakened her at 7:00...that is, a full 4 hours since she'd 
removed her pump & a full 4 hours since she'd injected 15 units of 
Humalog....and she was 66!!!..had dropped an additional 50 pts. during that 
hour!!!........gave her a juice, had her do her pump, gave her a PREDICTABLE 
slice of whole wheat toast & off to school she went....leaving 2 very tired 
parents in her wake!!  I reminded bewildered hubby NOT to make himself 
crazier wondering what went wrong, but to focus on how often it goes RIGHT in 
the crazy labyrinth of Diabetes 101!!!
    So..bottom line.......for those who find it takes 3-4 hours for Humalog 
to stop affecting your bgs: just "ignore" the 2 hr high & be patient????? By 
the way, even pre-pump, I always contended her insulin was lasting far longer 
than the doctors said, be it regular or NPH......and in order to succeed 
using Humalog in the pump, she had to resort to bolusing AFTER her meal, so 
that pattern seems well-established.
    Sorry this was so long....but so was the night!!.....and that's without 
factoring in the emotional drain at 3:00 am of  a 465+ blood-sugary Melissa 
whimpering that she "just didn't want to be attached to ANYTHING - she wanted 
to be CURED!".....sigh....

Regards, Renee
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