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[IP] Merck Medco - Test Strip Nightmare

I test ten times a day.  It has helped me to bring my A1c for a 7.2 to a 6.4 
since I started pumping in July 99.

I recently changed from Advantage test strips to Comfort Curve.  My 
prescription read" Accucheck Complete-Comfort Curve test strips #900 3 month 
supply.  I was sent 700 Comfort Curve test strips with an explanation telling 
me that because of the way they are packaged the number I was sent had to be 
changed.  I told MM that that statement did not apply to test strips because 
they were packaged by the hundred.  They told me to ignore that explanation 
and that the real reason I was given 700 instead of 900 was because my doctor 
wrote use as directed.  I know that was not the case and asked to speak to a 
pharmathist. He told me he had the prescription in his hand and that all it 
said was to use as directed.  I asked that they send me a copy of the 
prescription and two weeks later I received it.  I spoke to another 
pharmathist and explained the situation and that I felt I was pushed around 
and outright lied to and he said at first he could not fill the prescription 
for 900 strips either because my doctor did not state that I test 10 times a 
day.  I now have three different explanations why I can't have my 900 test 
strips.  Finally I asked him to explain to me how he came up with 700 strips 
when the prescription makes no mention of use as directed, does not ask for 
700 strips, the packaging allows by the hundred and it is written 900 for 3 
months.  He then agreered to call my doctor and clarify that I do test 10 
times a day and that then he would send me the additional 200 strips and not 
charge another 32.50 copay.  Lets see if all this really happens. Everything 
is an up hill battle with these people.                                         
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