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Re: [IP] I am so frustrated with the whole pump thing!

Kelly Jemo wrote:
> I have severe reactions to the infusion set, the
> reactions are worse when I peel off the white tab and put the medicated part
> on my skin, but even when I keep the white tab on (the Soft-Sets), I still
> get a wicked skin irritation.  Yesterday when I took the site off, the
> entire area of where the tape was had turned into a bunch of welts!  It
> seems to be doing that a lot lately. 

Hi, Kelly,

I also had a lot of problems with reactions to adhesives on the Sof Set
-- and I tried inserting through various tapes and preparations, but
NOTHING worked for very long!!!

And then, lo and behold, I started using Sils, and guess what -- NO
allergy problems!!!  For some reason, the paper tape works for me,
whereas NONE of the plastic ones did.

There is a paper tape called Hypafix -- I've found that I'm not allergic
to that, and can use it with Sof Sets (sandwich method) but I still like
the Sils better than the Sof Sets -- less tape and NO TAIL!!

The other thing that I've found is that I absolutely CAN'T leave a set
in more than 72 hours, or I'll start to have redness and pus. I know
that some people can leave in sets for a lot longer, but my body has
decided that it absolutely can't tolerate a set for more than that.

I really do hope you find something satisfactory -- it's VERY
frustrating until you do!! Not to speak of ITCHY!!!!!

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