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Re: [IP]first butt site experience (was: butt site- funny story)

I did actually insert it on my own, though if I were to go any farther back
I would need help.  Getting the tape on was difficult, but I just turned
around...It was on my right side just below and rear of my hip along my
bathing suit tan line.  I pinched the skin with my left hand and inserted
with my sof serter with my right hand.  The problem is that I did have some
high bg's and I don't know if that is because I am getting over a cold or if
it is different absorption in my rear.  Also after 2 days (I usually leave
them in for 3) it started to irritate me and when I took it out there was
blood in the cannula.  This has never happened before.  I wouldn't count it
out as a site for those times when my tummy needs a break.  Next time I will
probably have someone help me and do it a little farther back.  I need to do
it a few times to find a bg pattern for absorption difference.


>do you insert to the butt site on your own??  how do you get the tape on?
>meyer   type 1 43 years   pumping 1 year

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