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[IP] I am so frustrated with the whole pump thing!

Hi guys, I just need to vent for a minute, sorry! I've been pumping since 
last May, and so far it's gone okay, but lately I am so sick of the whole 
pumping thing that I am seriously considering throwing "Mini-Me" through the 
nearest window or door!! I have severe reactions to the infusion set, the 
reactions are worse when I peel off the white tab and put the medicated part 
on my skin, but even when I keep the white tab on (the Soft-Sets), I still 
get a wicked skin irritation.  Yesterday when I took the site off, the 
entire area of where the tape was had turned into a bunch of welts!  It 
seems to be doing that a lot lately.  The actual infusion site is all hard 
and red and infected now, and the welts just went away, FINALLY!  I feel 
like this whole pumping thing is such a pain in the ass lately, more so than 
usual, and I'm seriously debating whether to go back on shots.  I felt 
crappier on shots, mind you, but it was less of a hassle and once in a while 
I'd get a bruise, which I can deal with.  The welts and itchiness and 
infections are getting to be a bit much.  Besides, sometimes it would be 
nice to get intimate with my boyfriend and not have to see that yucky 
looking piece of tubing hanging from my body!  He doesn't even notice it, or 
so he says, but I DO!!  I hate it, the other day I ripped it out even though 
I had just put the site in the day before, just because I wanted to be 
COMPLETELY naked, not almost naked with a piece of plastic hanging from my 
hip!  I AM SO FRUSTRATED!!!!!!  Sorry to bitch and moan, guys, I just needed 
to vent to people who may be able to understand what I am talking about.  
The people around me are very supportive but only a pumper can say they've 
been in my shoes!  Thanks for listening, Kelly
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