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[IP] stem cellls

To all,
I received this news story from a co-worker and thought I should share...

Date line: February 28, 2000 - Washington (Reuters)

Scientists said on Monday they had used stem cells - "master cells" that are
the source of new cells in the body - to reverse diabetes in mice.

The team, at the Univ. of Florida in Gainesville, said it has already
started testing human cells in the lab and think they will work, too.

Stem cells have been in the headlines since their real potential was
discovered just over a year ago. Researchers said they could be used as
tissue transplants,  or even as a source to grow whole new organs.

One example that comes up over and over again from those who pressing for
more stem cell research is its potential to treat diabetes.

Dr Ammon Peck and colleagues say they have finally shown it.

Writing in the journal of Nature Medicine, they said they isolated stem
cells from the pancreases of mice, got them to grow, transplanted them into
diabetic mice and showed they worked to produce insulin.


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