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Re: [IP] Re: time for insulin to kick in

Keith Johnson wrote:

> This actually varies between different people (and probably varies for one
> person under different conditions, but that gets a little complicated). 
> Some folks got down 20% after 15 minutes, and went to breakfast. After most
> had done so, I decided to follow, and sit with them while my BG came down. I
> had to wait nearly an hour! and my breakfast got cold. But it was
> instructive to the rest of the group: different strokes for different folks.

It must be something in the air in Reno!!!!!!!!!!!  :)

I don't take so long to start to kick in (5 - 10 minutes), BUT Humalog
stays active in me for 4 hours, and I can chart a steady decline in BGs
for that period of time.

For that reason, I only measure at 2 hours if I want to see what my peak
is; I never correct for a high until 4 hours have elapsed after eating.
I know that some people are already DOWN by 2 hours -- I envy them!!!!! 

Sometimes I wonder whether people crash after chasing a high because
they haven't allowed their previous insulin to finish working -- or at
least calculated in the fact that it's still there.

I've had pretty good luck with my rule about not adding insulin for 4
hours, but again, YMMV!! 

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