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[IP] Ready to quit the pump

I have a few thoughts on the problems your daughter is having.  I tend to be hyper-sensitive to any changes in diet, to certain foods, and to hormonal changes, so occasionally my bgs go way out of whack for no reason.  Here's some things I've had to watch: 
First, if I'm snacking on higher fat things, my bgs may go high, even if I've adjusted for the right carb amount.  So, if your daughter is eating, let's say, Doritos versus reduced-fat Triscuits, and she takes the right bolus for the carb intake, her bg may go higher than expected.  It might be worth doing a food diary for awhile to see if her fat intake is affecting things.
Second, certain foods throw me out of whack no matter what I do.  For me, it's pasta, kidney beans and graham crackers.  Who knows what causes it.  Again, it might be worth doing a food diary along with the bg record to see if there's any correlation.
Third, is she at a certain point in her menstrual cycle?  Again, for me, the week before I start my period, I tend to run a little higher bgs.  I just adjust my basal rate for the couple days I'm whacky.
Just remember that a lot of this is a guessing game, because each person's body reacts differently to food intake, exercise, etc.  Don't give up.  I went on the pump four years ago on December 21.  By December 26, I was ready to flush the thing down the toilet.  (NEVER go on the pump right before Christmas!).  Now, I wouldn't give up my pump for the world!  Also, don't be discouraged by the change in A1Cs.  My CDE told me that it's pretty common for A1Cs to go up right after the pump because the rollercoaster blood sugars are stabilizing.  (you don't have the extreme highs and lows balancing each other out to a nice A1C number).