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Re: [IP] strange low behavior

LOL! A lady at a D. support group I once belonged to claimed that her 
neighbour came to her rescue as she danced on her (the neighbour's) picnic 
table outside in her backyard stark naked!! LOL!
My strangest was a few years ago when I was looking after a neighbour's 
collection of rare birds. I went over to feed and water them and one of them 
escaped. I spent about an hour trying to catch the bird while my bgs 
dropped. I knew I was low but had nothing with me. By the time I "finished" 
with the birds, I crawled on my hands and knees around the block to my house 
through the ice and snow on a cold Canadian winter night. It only took me 
about 30 minutes! Funny, it only took me about 2 minutes to walk over there. 
I always wondered what somebody would have thought if they were out for an 
evening stroll. Luckily I made it in my front door where my husband (ex now) 
said I wondered what took you so long! Well...at least I wasn't naked!
.......:o) Carolyn

>From: "Betsy Krussel" <email @ redacted>
>My strangest low behavior was...x-rated.  daughter had asked her why Mrs. K 
>is naked in the window.

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