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[IP] Re:Thanks everyone

Thank you all that replied to my awfull first night of high sugars.Boy am I 
glad Ryan does not eat fat like that very often sure was a lesson what a 
really fatty meal can do to blood sugars.Well we survived and next time I 
know it will be better because of the advice you all gave me.So things are 
back to normal I am up every hour till about 4am treating the lows. I think 
I have things figured out better now.I was able to get a half hour nap in 
today then sat down and had a good look for any pattern of lows.Ryan starts 
to go low about 2pm and stays low till supper and sometimes till bedtime 
then all through the night.Now if I want to stop the low at 2pm I would have 
to change basals at noon right two hours ahead of the time I am trying to 
change?Thank you all for your help.
Lori mom of Ryan
Love the pump
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