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[IP] alarm clock ideas

I have a PERFECT way of waking up.  I mean, when I am totally wiped out,
after a couple of weeks, it ceases to wrok.  But ....I drink a BIG glass
of water right before Paddy goes to bed.  Then I HAVE to get up a
trillion times to visit the little girls room.  Used to have it worked
out by hours, too.
I had no alarms clock when I had my first "real" job so I would drink a
glass or a glass and a half depending on how late I got to bed!  Works
like a charm! LOL
Or....how bout we get this BIG block of ice, and then when it mealts a
weightin the middle(tied to a string that is tied to our toes) drops off
a table edge, pulling us awake?
Needs work, but that is what the wee hours of the mornig are for,
right?  Inventions
Charisma :)
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