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[IP] Any suggestions?

My pump and all its little friends and accessories came today.  But I got
through to the Diabetes Ed. center, and it turned out that "the class" was
last week, and the next one isn't until the end of March.  So my question
is, besides all the sensible things (practice counting carbs, read the
manual, re-read Pumping Insulin, watch the video, get my life in order, get
my house in order, find a cure for the common cold and bring about World
Peace:)), do you all have any suggestions for stuff I should/could be doing
while I'm waiting that might make starting out easier/less hassle/more fun?
I seem to have more time to prepare than I was prepared to fill!

Anyway, I am glad to see its little green buttons.  Any suggestions
(practical or otherwise) would be greatfully received.

Kathy Trondsen
dx'd at 12, 46 now, pumping at the end of March

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