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Re: [IP] ready to quit the pump-help

My son who is 13 started pumping in October, is was mid January before we got 
it straightened out.  But it was still worth it.  Horrible getting adjusted, 
and we did have to just get brave and start setting our own Boluses and 
basals.  The team had gotten us started, but every kid is different and you 
know your kid the best!

Also, we had the complication of when it just about seemed we had it, he 
would gain 2 lb., and that mean he was going to grow and everything was out 
again.  It was still worth it.  This is not just my opinion but his too!

I know it feels like having a new born, all the up at nights, and I am a lot 
older now, didn't know how many nights both of us could do it.  And it was 
still worth it.  

Hang in there.  If you have to take a break, do it, don't feel guilt.  You 
can do it.  Everyone needs their own schedule.  There are a lot of people on 
this list that can help.

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