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[IP] Re: Kids and how to wear the pump

I tend to skim through the digests so quickly, I can never remember who's asking what, but I know somebody was asking
the best way for young kids to wear the pump.  Kelly was almost 6 when she started pumping, and we tried the standard
belt case, which hit the ground about 6-7 times that first day.  I knew that wasn't going to work.  I didn't want to be
telling Kelly not to do cartwheels, or wrestle with her brother for fear of her pump falling.  Those harnesses and fanny
packs don't seem to comfortable either, but we found the perfect case for active kids!!!  It is like the belt clip, and
can be worn as such, but it has a key-ring like  hoop on it, so I can put a small hole in Kelly's pants and dresses,
thread the ring through, and there is NO WAY it will fall off.  We got the case from Disetronic, and it's even
insulated, a bonus for these Las Vegas summers!

Mary, Kelly's Mom

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