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[IP] help requested

Hello everyone  I ran into this person in a chat and she is wanting to try 
and find a endo that is willing to help her put her son on the pump.  If 
anyone knows of a Endo in her area that could help more PLEASE send me an 

email @ redacted

Thank you


>Thank you so much for putting your valuable time into this.  I have
>researched the different pumps about a year ago and took my new found
>knowledge to our ped. endo...And the rest goes like I said last night!
>They wouldn't talk to me about it till he's 8.  So I just dropped the
>issue for the time being.  Any ways, Jordan is 5 1/2 and he is very
>responsible for a 5 year old.  He is checking his own BG at home and at
>school, he is just learning the numbers, so the number values mean very
>little to him right now.  He has tried giving himself shots in his
>tummy, but has since given up, due to the fact that it hurt one time.
>But he is still young and we are going to work on that again this
>summer.  I would like for him to be giving himself shots by next school
>year.  His attitude towards the pump right now is "I don't want it", but
>he has no idea what we are even talking about.  I haven't had him watch
>the tapes from the pump companies yet.  I didn't want to get his hopes
>up or anything like that before we had approval from our endo.  Well, I
>hope this has given you the info you are looking for.  Oh, I should add,
>we are very dedicated parents, and keep very good logs on his diabetes.
>And I feel we are up on all the latest things happening in Diabetes
>We live in the very northwest corner of MN, some near by "big" towns
>include:  Thief River Falls, MN; Bemidji, MN;  Grand Forks, ND; Fargo,
>ND;  these are just a few of the neighboring towns.  Thanks again for
>all your time and effort, take your time on this, and don't let the
>school work slip because of it.  (now don't I sound like a mother?)  LOL

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