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[IP] giving up the pump

My son Andrew, 5 yrs old, started the pump last Sept. I truly thought I'd
pull ALL my hair out while we worked out the basal and bolus rates those
first few months. He would never want to go back to shots but it was so
upsetting for us to be chasing highs and then lows. All is MUCH better
now but it took 4 months to really get a handle on it. We read and reread
the Pumping Insulin book and finally had to have him fast to check the
basals. Turned out the basals were most of the problem. Then we moved to
the bolus. We now give him 1:15 at breakfast and 1:30 the rest of the
day. We also found that he was having more lows then we thought, causing
rebound highs...which are so much harder for us to bring down. In fact,
it takes almost double the insulin to bring down his rebound high. (He
gets only .1 basal from 12 am - 6 am which we never expected.)  We also
were VERY careful w/ his foods. I used food I knew he liked and could
count easily when we did the testing. It was only a few days of arguments
but we had worked out "deals" to make it more worthwhile for him to skip
meals...or at least postpone them. It was definitely worth it. His #'s
have been much better and he can have his snacks again. He's a very happy
boy and we can finally sleep pretty much thru' the night. : )

Hope this helps! We go to the Endo. tomorrow for his 2nd A1c on the pump.
His 1st one was the best we've had and I pray this one is even better!

God Bless! Cari (mom of Andrew, 5 yrs., dx @ 14 mo. pumping 5 mo.)

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