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Re: [IP] Pro-pump docs/support in Ontario?

I live in Eastern Ontario but, I got the info you need for your friend by 
going through the same process I did when I was looking for a pump-friendly 
I called the very helpful Disetronic rep and she gave me the name of the CDE 
and pump trainer at Windsor Regional Hospital. Her name is Jackie Tasselmier 
(519-257-5111 ext. 76817). She agreed that it was difficult to find a 
pump-friendly doc but there is one in Windsor. His name is Dr. Robert 
Wilson, at 1096 Goyeau, Windsor, Ont. Phone: 519-258-0718. The CDE lives in 
Essex as well and it takes her about 20 minutes to get to his office so that 
is not too bad distance-wise.
I too had been D for 22 years when starting the pump and I understand how 
this woman feels! It took me 3 tries to find a pump-friendly Doc.
  I would be happy to share my pump experience with this lady so if she is 
interested then please e-mail me privately and I will send you my phone 
number. I believe that there are two IP list members living in the Windsor 
area as well.
Let me know how she makes out!!
Hope this is a help!........Carolyn

>From: "ager" <email @ redacted
>I got a call today from a desperate Type I (22 years) diabetic woman in
>Essex, Ont. whose doc is anti-pump, and who also feels totally alone in her 
>struggle with her disease.
>Can anyone recommend a pro-pump doc in that area of Ontario, or any support 
>groups for pumpers or at least people with diabetes? I'm asking for her.
>Susan Ager

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