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[IP] Re: time for insulin to kick in

> Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 05:17:47 -0800 (PST)
> From: Ali Lekach <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] how much time for velosulin to work?
> I've been having a terrible time with my bg lately.
> I'll be very high (in the 300s) and then after several
> hours and boluses, I'll crash.  It's almost like the
> insulin isn't working for a very long time and then it
> just all kicks in at once. ...How
> long does it take velosulin to kick in?  My first
> order of business with my new endo is to be put onto
> humulog but for now, I must deal.

This actually varies between different people (and probably varies for one
person under different conditions, but that gets a little complicated). You
can actually figure it out for yourself. We did this at an advanced workshop
I took a couple years ago, pre-pump, and the results were interesting.

First: this is something that should probably be approved by your physician!
But here's how we did it. We started off, if possible, in the normal to
high-normal range (don't do this if you're low, of course). We injected, in
my case Humalog. Then we waited a few minutes, and checked our BG's. If it
was down by 20%, that was judged "kicking in," and ended the test. If it
wasn't down that far, I waited another 10-15 minutes, and checked again.

Some folks got down 20% after 15 minutes, and went to breakfast. After most
had done so, I decided to follow, and sit with them while my BG came down. I
had to wait nearly an hour! and my breakfast got cold. But it was
instructive to the rest of the group: different strokes for different folks.

I've checked this again a couple times on my own, and the results were the
same. In the morning, at least, I need to bolus at least half an hour, under
normal conditions, before breakfast to let the Humalog start working before
eating. Otherwise, I'll come up high an hour after breakfast (more than 100
points). I read those warnings accompanying the Humalog packages and various
articles saying you must eat within a few minutes of bolusing, and I
mentally sneer! Us _tough_ pumpers can wait!

Your mileage may vary, but think about discussing this with your doc.

--Keith Johnson
  email @ redacted
  D 40 years, P 6 months
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