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[IP] strange low behavior

My strangest low behavior was...x-rated.  My kids have tons of stories about
what Mom has done.  But my best was when pregnant with my second child.  My
daughter was in her crib, and I knew I was low and didn't want to pick her
up.  We only had 1 closet in that room - but there was no food in there.  To
leave a room you need a door, right?  I couldn't get out of the room because
I couldn't find the right door - It was open!   So I started pounding on the
full length window, trying to get one of my neighbors to help.
Unfortunately, I had been sleeping just prior to this.  We were in Louisiana
and it was hot.  Too hot for pajamas etc.  Being low, I didn't think of a
robe or anything.

A neighbor saw me, talked me over to the front door so I could unlock it for
her. Her daughter had asked her why Mrs. K is naked in the window.

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