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Lisa wrote:   ----- Original Message -----
  From: lisa morrison
  To: email @ redacted
  Sent: Thursday, February 24, 2000 21:57

The big problem is
that, almost every time so far, I've checked my sugars every hour or so
after putting on a new set, and ended up having to reinsert within 4 hours
because I obviously haven't been getting insulin.

I used to have same problem, until I learned to give that new set 2 bolus 
tries and gently massage, rub the area a little while after insertion.   It 
seems, and I have no idea if there is any truth to this theory, but, it 
seems to me that the new site takes a little longer, when first inserted, 
to get into my system.  Like it has to make a new path each time.  I rub, 
sorta like playing the piano around the area, and that seems to help.  I 
usually test  2-4 times the first four hours to make sure it is working 
(almost never seems to be the first hour or so) and I leave my old set in 
for several hours.  Usually after the second bolus, things begin to work. 
 Don't know if this will help you.
Good Luck!

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