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[IP] EPF poem.copyright submit to PUMPING INSULIN!

That is FABULOUS!  Mind if I print it off and keep it in my pump
Sorry you had to do that! I think we should have a phone tree--folks who
are up  activate a secret batphone type deal, and we can all talk on the
nights we are awake AGAIN!  
Charisma :)

> 'Evil Pump Fairy'
> Evil pump fairy
> please stay away
> Or at least when you visit
> make it by DAY
> When I spread the word
> of our pumping delight
> your big ears are open
> and you visit by night
> I can picture you sitting
> on Erica's toes
> magic wand weaving
> under her clothes
> Finding its way
> to her wonderful site
> wreaking your havoc
> in the dark of the night
> Can't you please visit
> when daylight is dawning
> I hate spending my days
> with sore jaws from yawning
> So 'evil pump fairy'
> Wherever you be
> your point was well taken
> This morning at three
> I'll not post our joy
> Where it will be read
> I'll keep it low key
>            Barb Chafe, November 1999
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