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Re: [IP] low treats

Too bad they son't have a "carb bolus" in the machine--click it and
liquid chocolates come in through the tubing! LOL
Now, THAT would be easy!  Think if I write t he company, I'll be able to
retire on the copyright payments?  
Charisma :)

> SSHHHH!!....The kids don't know it, but I have a Mars bar in the front
> pocket of my purse. A couple of times when I was low I thought "That is too
> big to eat all at once and I don't know how many carbs are in it"....now I
> have something else to focus on instead of actually eating it and trying to
> figure all that out afterwards! I need to buy a new purse, think I will look
> for one with a secret pocket...providing I can find it when I am low!!
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