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Re: [IP] low treats

Sara wrote:

 << 99.9% of the time I will have glucose tabs with me...they don't taste good 
enough to munch on casusally, however if I carried Jelly Beans or smarties, I 
would eat them like, uh....candy....even when I didn't need them, guilt be 

Funny thing, though. I do carry Smarties because they are so much cheaper
than any kind of glucose tabs. I bought a 5 lb. bag at Halloween. I've been
using Smarties to treat lows for at least 3 years now, and I am SICK of
them!  I am not tempted to eat them at all "just because" and I really
dread sticking them in my mouth when I'm low. I hate being low, not because
I feel bad (well, yes that too), but because I hate having to chew those
little candies. It is like torture. I've begun to view empty Smarties
wrappers sitting next to my meter as evidence of my punishment. I'm sad
when I see them. I still eat them, though, because I know they act quicker
than chocolate and will get me back into good bg range much faster, and
very predictably. But you know what?  After I've come up, THEN I treat
myself with the chocolate and a bolus to cover.

Mary Jean

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