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re: Subject: [IP] Waiting to be struck/I GOT ZAPPED!

Hi Folks,  She has STRUCK!

It was I who wrote the poem about the Evil Pump Fairy because it seemed
every time I proclaimed to the world how wonderful things were going,
the Evil Pump Fairy would pay a visit to knock me down a notch (guess
she doesn't like supreme happiness).  Anyway,  after reading Charisma's
posting, expressing all her concerns that are there in the beginning,  I
wrote to Charisma, privately, to help alleviate her fears.

In that personal e-mail, I also told her that in over 115 site changes,
the amount of site changes due to crimped cannulas or  'whatever' was
next to nil.
WELL.....THE  "*****" EVIL PUMP FAIRY WAS LISTENING!!!!  Last night we
had to do a second site change on Erica because the first one was a
bust!  Oh WHEN will I ever learn to keep my mouth shut ROFLOL!!  I am a
little ticked off that the damn fairy has now invaded my personal
e-mails too <VBG>
Anyway, Charisma, if you want to read it, I have inserted it below :)
It was done one night, about 3 am,  while waiting for the EMLA to work
its magic.  You see, it seems when the Evil Pump Fairy does pay a visit
to us, and it really doesn't happen much at all honestly, she does like
to do it under cover of darkness....in the middle of the darn night!
BUT.. the Good Pump Fairy does rule the roost 99.9% of the time...trust
me :)

Barb....Erica's 'ticked off at the EPF' mom :)

'Evil Pump Fairy'

Evil pump fairy
please stay away
Or at least when you visit
make it by DAY

When I spread the word
of our pumping delight
your big ears are open
and you visit by night

I can picture you sitting
on Erica's toes
magic wand weaving
under her clothes

Finding its way
to her wonderful site
wreaking your havoc
in the dark of the night

Can't you please visit
when daylight is dawning
I hate spending my days
with sore jaws from yawning

So 'evil pump fairy'
Wherever you be
your point was well taken
This morning at three

I'll not post our joy
Where it will be read
I'll keep it low key
           Barb Chafe, November 1999

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