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Re: [IP] ready to quit the pump-help

> It sounds like the nibbling and eating whatever she wants might be
> the problem (IMHO).  It's probably putting too many variables into
> determining your basal/bolus rates


geneva,  age 11 in two weeks....is also a big snacker/grazer.  part of the
age.  she is thin.  but her levels go way up after school until dinner.  we
are now setting a temp basal when she eats high fat foods/snacks.  but...if
you could do what was suggested about 'cracking whip' at least for a
week...perhaps you could at least get the basals down pat.

in this case...lots of free foods are helpful.  sugar free soda,  cold
turkey, sugar free jello,  fruit,  veggies/dips,  you know the routine.

also..geneva is in midst of growth spurt and so we are seeing higher numbers
throughout the day.  had to up basals.


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