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Re: [IP] ready to quit the pump-help

> My husband, 13 year old daughter and I are all really smart, educated and 
> motivated people.  

 She tends to nibble a lot, and eats 
> practically whatever she wants.  In the past week, over half of her bgs have 
> been over 200;  in spite of close checks of tubing and pump.

Here's my take on this....our CDE/Endo had us on a very strict 
carb count for the first month.....even more strict than on shots - to 
work out the basals and specific boluses.  Once we came through 
that, we were given a lot more flexibility.

It sounds like the nibbling and eating whatever she wants might be 
the problem (IMHO).  It's probably putting too many variables into 
determining your basal/bolus rates.  See if 'cracking the whip' and 
being very strict for a few days irons out the numbers, then add 
variables such as snacks, exercis, etc...

Just my $.02...

Steve Winer - Dad to Allie
14 y/o - dx 6/97 - MM508 12/99
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