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Re: [IP] ready to quit the pump-help

email @ redacted wrote:
> She boluses the
> right amounts and it takes forever for the insulin to bring down her bgs.
> Often, we have to re-bolus to bring bgs down, so we are forever "chasing
> numbers" - up until bedtime.  Then we have to stay up to stabilize her bgs,
> finally go to bed, and often end up with a low in the middle of the night.
> She doesn't wake up until she is as low as 25, recently she almost seizured
> during the night. 

Mmmm, I wonder if the highs aren't rebounds from the lows.

One of the things that somehow sticks in my brain is that when you're
trying to get better control, you should eliminate the LOWS first, even
if it means running high for a little while. Then you GRADUALLY work on
bringing down the highs. 

Are you sure the basals are right? She might have just come out of a
growth spurt, or be entering into one -- that can make a huge

Remember that the learning curve for using the pump is a steep one -- it
takes many people a lot of trial and error and GRIEF before they get it
right, and even then, it's only an approximation -- especially with
growing children!

I'm sure you'll get lots of specific advice from parents here --
there'll be someone who's experienced nearly every possible problem you
can think of! 

Meanwhile, hang in there! 
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