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Re: [IP] low treats

Wow, can I ever identify with what you are saying here. When my bg gets low 
it is like I focus more on what I was trying to accomplish in the first 
place. I will know I am low, but first of all I HAVE to finish folding 
laundry or cleaning a room or looking for something and then I get 
sidetracked and see something else that I HAVE to do first! It is so 
bizarre, like if my bg was normal I would gladly enjoy a break from doing 
all that stuff!!
  I have tried the smartie, skittle and jellybean thing but being a mom of 5 
kids when I really need them, they have magically disappeared, and NOBODY 
took them!! Now that they are getting a little older they know that if I 
need sugar and they are with me, then they will need to take care of getting 
me something to eat......FAST. This is a lot easier when the stuff doesn't 
disappear. I always carry gluco-gel with me for a last resort but I sure 
have got some funny looks when the kids are trying to help me squeeze it 
into my mouth, luckily, now that I am pumping this rarely happens. :o)
SSHHHH!!....The kids don't know it, but I have a Mars bar in the front 
pocket of my purse. A couple of times when I was low I thought "That is too 
big to eat all at once and I don't know how many carbs are in it"....now I 
have something else to focus on instead of actually eating it and trying to 
figure all that out afterwards! I need to buy a new purse, think I will look 
for one with a secret pocket...providing I can find it when I am low!!

>my problem with that is that when I am low, I LOSE all ability to make a 
I can have $15 in my
>pocket and will still wander up and down the aisles of a store, not willing
>to pay THAT much for this particular "treat," or thinking I can get 99.9% 
>of the time I will have glucose tabs with me
however if I carried Jelly Beans or smarties

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