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Re: [IP] ready to quit the pump-help

My husband, 13 year old daughter and I are all really smart, educated and 
motivated people.  She went on the pump in December and our bg numbers have 
generally been worse, the stress on all of us is unbelievable, and her A1C 
went from 6.9 to 7.4.  I expect it will be at least this number at the next 
appointment.  There has been one problem after another, all resulting in high 
bgs.  She only uses the Siloette, has 3 basel rates during the 24 hour 
period, and checks 4-10 times a day.  She tends to nibble a lot, and eats 
practically whatever she wants.  In the past week, over half of her bgs have 
been over 200;  in spite of close checks of tubing and pump.  She boluses the 
right amounts and it takes forever for the insulin to bring down her bgs.  
Often, we have to re-bolus to bring bgs down, so we are forever "chasing 
numbers" - up until bedtime.  Then we have to stay up to stabilize her bgs, 
finally go to bed, and often end up with a low in the middle of the night.  
She doesn't wake up until she is as low as 25, recently she almost seizured 
during the night.  We switched endo teams right at the time we went on the 
pump (another story).  Our new nurse is nice and seems good, but I have 
ambivalent feelings towards the new doc who is very good technically- but has 
done and said a number of things that make me defensive and guilty.  I think 
she assumed (why?) that we weren't making enough of the effort.  I am tired 
of the "parent police" attitude with endo teams.  Our daughter has always had 
AICs in the 6 range.  This is our first high one at 7.4; and it was on the 
pump!  What a disappointment.  It doesn't make sense that we aren't 
successful at this.   We believe in the technology and we care so much about 
our daughter.  I think we are 2-3 weeks away from quitting, or at  least 
taking a break, if things don't get better.  I'm making a round of calls 
today to the nurse and others.  Should we take a break from all this, go on 
MDI for a few months, and try the pump again in the summer when our daughter 
(a new student) is out of school?  We are all loosing sleep from the stress.  
Please respond!
A Worn Out Mom  
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