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Re: [IP] Xrays and pump

On Sun, 27 Feb 2000, Kevin wrote:

> I think Michael is right about MRI (and pumps)!!  
> In the 1980's, worked for one of the RF amplifier manufacturers for 
> MRI equipment.  I know the GE, Picker, and Phillips MRI equipment used 
> our amps, and they would produce up to 20 KW pulses of RF power.  That's
> alot of RF power, and metal objects can arc, or produce RF "burns"
> if touched.

It is the high magnetic field of the MRI rather than the rf energy that 
will tourch the pump. The enduced currents are capable of frying the 
cirucit traces and even overheating solid metal parts to the point where 
the melt their plastic mounting points or touching insulation.

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