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[IP] low treats

nancy wrote:
>  I'm with you on the choice of TREAT when having
> something for lows.  

my problem with that is that when I am low, I LOSE all ability to make a 
decision, and since this ability is only MARGINAL when I am in a GOOD range, 
you can imagine the consequences when my bg is 56...I can have $15 in my 
pocket and will still wander up and down the aisles of a store, not willing 
to pay THAT much for this particular "treat," or thinking I can get it 
cheaper down the road, OR,  I will go from store to store, in search of 
EXACTLY the RIGHT treat that I can enjoy without "guilt" since I am low.  Do 
I want a pastry from the Italian bakery, do I want something from 
Godiva...oh, there is Ben and Jerry's...no wait, I have Ben and Jerry's in 
the freezer and there is NO WAY I am paying THAT much for a measley 
scoop...then I will get sidetracked and remember that I really DID need socks 
and since I am in the area of K-Mart anyway, why not go look....all the while 
dropping and dropping...then I find myself in the check out aisle with 3 
packages of socks and NO FREAKING TREAT, so I resort to boring old skittles 
since they have no fat..., and i eat them in line cuz if I waited til I 
actually paid for them, I might pass out...sigh

99.9% of the time I will have glucose tabs with me...they don't taste good 
enough to munch on casusally, however if I carried Jelly Beans or smarties, I 
would eat them like, uh....candy....even when I didn't need them, guilt be 
damned...and end up comparing the cotton content in black socks at the 
discount store versus the quality of those from Macys.  I will take just 
enough dex tabs to keep me from craving socks, and then take the time to find 
the right TREAT

who has a drawer full of socks but no clean underwear
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