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Re: [IP] Xrays and pump

I think Michael is right about MRI (and pumps)!!  

In the 1980's, worked for one of the RF amplifier manufacturers for 
MRI equipment.  I know the GE, Picker, and Phillips MRI equipment used 
our amps, and they would produce up to 20 KW pulses of RF power.  That's
alot of RF power, and metal objects can arc, or produce RF "burns"
if touched.

On the other hand....  I have spoken with a radio station engineer, that
also uses a pump (Disetronic).   He had worked around TV station antenna
arrays that had power outputs in the 100 KW (ERP) range.  He never had a 
problem with his pump in those environments.....   I wanted to know this
for my own - because I'm a ham radio operator, and commonly am exposed to
RF fields between 100-1500 watts, and so far I have had no problem
with my MM 508.   But, just because it's been fine for him and me, doesn't
mean it will be safe for everyone, everytime....   Better be safe!

And again, I would seriously question Xrays too, since they are ionizing
radiation (read my previous Xray post for why)!  They can (and do) zap
static sensitive circuits, if the manufacturers failed to design them


Michael wrote:
> You probably won't have any problems with pumps and Xrays or CT scans, 
> but you better take that sucker off if you have an MRI or you pump may 
> get fried to a crisp.

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