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[IP] A scale in Restaurants

> Any other time we would be eating at a restaraunt , so not likely to
> have a scale on me--or do you guys carry a small scale for eating out?
> Can you tell I REALLY don't want to have to use a scale?
> Charisma :)

One thing to remember, if you weigh lasagna the next day (planovers), it
won't be *naked.* The sauce(s) and cheese(s) are not counted in the weight
of the noodles. The sauce weighs separately as does the cheese. A 1/2 cup of
spaghetti is ONLY the spaghetti, not including the meatballs, etc.  I
personally do not use a scale so don't work yourself up into a stew (pardon
the pun - different weight for stew, too).

If you choose to *eyeball* something in a restaurant and not carry a
suitcase to accommodate a scale on all your other paraphernalia, you can
memorize the following:
1/2 C = size of a tennis ball
1 oz cheese = ping pong ball (table tennis)
3 oz chicken = a deck of cards
1 C = a fist (yours - not Paddy's)
3 oz hamburger = it should fit in a mayonnaise lid (the kind before Miracle
Whip went to the skinny lids. Of course, a quarter pounder is 3 oz after

I once bought a McDonald's reg. hamburger -- didn't eat it and took it home
and weighed just the meat. ONE ounce!

Jan (60 y/o, T=1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83)

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