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Re: [IP] Weighing food for carb counting

Michael wrote:

<<The difference is that if the package says a standard serving is one
slice and it SHOULD weigh 30 grams and contain 15 grams of carb
AND in fact the bread is sliced thinner and all the slices weigh 20 grams
and contain 10 grams of carb, then you will always take too much insulin.
This is a good example since this is pretty common. The bread is sliced
by a machine. They use the same machines to slice all the bread in the
bakery. Thin, thick, whatever. If they happen to forget to set the slice
correctly, they are definettly NOT going to throw away perfectly good
bread that just happens to be a litter thicker or thinner.>>

And, a lot of the time, we like the bakery type bread that is not sliced.
The label usually says how many servings per loaf and how much is figured
for one serving, but when I slice it myself unless I weigh it, I never know
how much in one slice.  A scale is very good for this type of bread as well.

Type 1 for 37 years... :)

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