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[IP] Re: Calling out for advice and help

Hi Lori,
We have had the same problem with Gennie's nighttime BG's after high fat meals,
namely PIZZA... we're still working on it but at the very least we have
discovered that we've had to get very aggressive with her nighttime high BG
bolusing to bring her down into range.  It seems if we don't, we are just keeping
the BG from climbing higher instead of dropping it.   Next time we have pizza
we're going to try a temporary basal rate set a bit (?) higher and see if that
helps.  We're still feeling our way through as well and it's taking a while to
get up the confidence to try different methods.  If you come up with anything,
let us know.
Paula, Mom to Genevieve, age 4 (dx'd @ 13 months), happily pumping almost 7 weeks

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