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Re: Re: [IP] Weighing food for carb counting

Charisma wrote:

<<OK, I STILL don't get it. >>

Allright I'll use an example of what I do.  For breakfast in the morning I
like cereal.  Yup, I really do.  I put my empty bowl on the scale, (zero it
out) pour in whatever amount I feel like eating, see how many grams it is,
check my chart, multiply it out and have the carbs.  I even do milk this
way, since a lot of times, 1 cup is too much for my bowl of cereal.  I zero
out the scale with the cereal and bowl on it and add my milk and get it's
weight.  For me, it's much easier than dirtying up measuring cups, I only
have to use the bowl I'm going to eat out of.  And, the fewer dishes I have
to wash, the better!  *grin*  BTW, I have a nice digital scale which I
bought many years ago after I visited England and brought home cookbooks
from there.  You see, they don't use measuring cups when they cook.
Europeans weigh their dry ingredients.  And now I have another use for my
scale, besides cooking with European recipes.  <vbg>

Type 1 for 37 years....

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