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Re: [IP] scale--starting to sink in....but

In a message dated 2/27/2000 4:53:47 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< If one day we were to eat spagetti
 and it said a cup=15 carbs
 Then the next day we were to eat lasagna, and it said a cup = 13 carbs,
 would we then still need a scale?

Charisma, IMHO - my VERY humble opinion - using a scale is overkill.  Use the 
package information, or when you don't have it, guess.  It shouldn't take 
that long after starting to carb count to be able to make a good guess.  I am 
not one to send my child to school, either, with a list of food and their 
carbs.  We review the school system's dietary information once before the 
school year to get an idea of what he will be eating, and anyway, after 2 
years of having this %&$^ disease, my son is awesome at eyeballing carbs.  
Keep it simple is my motto, or you'll drive yourself nuts.  On the other 
hand, there are those (and I was one, until I decided to stay sane) who 
psychologically MUST have the control (or illusion of it) of knowing exactly 
how many carbs they are injesting.  It really is a matter of personal 
approach to life and to DM.  I will add here the obligatory "hope I haven't 
offended anyone" :-)
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