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[IP] Lo Battery Alarm wipes out 507c memory instantly!

Hello one and all...

Just got off the phone with MM as I had a single Lo Battery Alarm and
immediatey changed out the old set of 357's and put in brand NEW set of
357's and immediately received an E-01 Alarm.

In other words...all memory was GONE and I had to reset everything!

This is a loaner pump I received on 01/15 from MM...my original was
skipping screens.

MM and I did all of the pump checks and supposedly ALL IS WELL and
WORKING with this loaner pump.

But there was no explanation from MM as to WHY the memory disappeared in
a minute.

I was asked to call again IF another E-01 alarm occurs and was told MM
would change out this one for another IF needed.

I am THANKFUL I was NOT out at a dog show in the ring with a dog when
this happened!  One believes that they have SOME time to change out
batteries....when it isn't necessarily so!!!

Becky LaSpina
IDDM since 1957 - pumping as of 12/29/98

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