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Re: [IP] Xrays and pump

This is very similar to the issue of whether someone can Xray a
laptop computer or not...  The people at the airports CLAIM it's
safe, but here's the other side of the story!

Computers, and the pump, usually are made of CMOS ciruitry, which is 
static sensitive.  X rays are IONIZING RADIATION, which can cause 
what is being X-ray'ed to develop static electricity charges.  I once
had a attache case with a metal band around it - which would zap me 
right after being Xrayed, from the charges developed during the Xray.

Since circuits can develop static charges when X-rayed, there are some
things that the manufacturer can do to design their circuits to avoid this
threat.  They can design all CMOS circuits to have some kind of a resistive
discharge path, to hopefully prevent static charge buildups.  But, you are
totally dependent upon the manufacturer to HOPE they designed their
equipment right - but some don't.

Although the chances are slim for computers or pumps to get zapped when
Xrayed, I know of at least 4 cases where CMOS equipment was damaged or 
destroyed when being Xrayed.  One happened to me during a business trip, 
and I know of two other cases that happened to others I know, as well as 
another guy whose computer controled handheld radio was damaged.   It does 
happen.  Just because someone's somputer has survived an Xray, doesn't
mean it will always work for everyone.  Don't take chances, even though 
the Xray folks *think* it's safe.  

Lastly, and most curiously.....  HOW would someone run their pump through
an Xray machine?  Unless you disconnect the pump from the infusion
set, you can't do it easily!  However, I would not fear running the
pump through a metal detector - no ionizing radiation there.


> > Subject: [IP] xrays and pump
> >
> > I have had several xrays and 2 bone scans,(head to toe)and have never
> > removed  my MM 507. Once or twice they put the lead apron over the
> > pump, but the majority of the time not. Almost three years later, my MM
> > is working perfectly fine, the only alarms I have ever received are low
> > batteries and no delivery due to an empty reservoir.
> I know several people who never wear their seat belts and have had no
> problem -- yet. When the instruction manual clearly states to disconnect for
> Xray, CT Scan, or MRI the pump companies are protecting themselves. Just
> because someone doesn't disconnect does not mean nothing will be affected.
> This is a YMMV - or better yet, YCMV (Your CHOICE May Vary).  This could
> also be compared to diabetics who are non-compliant and those who are
> compliant. There are still no guarantees on body damage. I know of some
> twins; one of whom followed all the rules and has all the complications. The
> other didn't follow any of the rules and has no complications. Go figure.
> I'm not giving medical advice, but I think we should be careful in advising
> pumpers to not follow instructions printed in the manual(s) because *nothing
> has happened and I don't.*
> Jan (60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83)
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