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[IP] scale--starting to sink in....but


OK, so this would be if you KNEW the basic grams for ALL pasta(180grams
= so many carbs) 
But you might not know, were you to eyeball a serving size, if you were
getting more or less than 180 grams with things that take up more space. 
So a cup of spagetti might weigh 180 grams, where a cup of lasagna would
only weigh 140 grams or something like that?

OK, this is sinking in.

However, if we always eat stuff that has its very own info on the
package, wouldn't we be okay then? If one day we were to eat spagetti
and it said a cup=15 carbs
Then the next day we were to eat lasagna, and it said a cup = 13 carbs,
would we then still need a scale?

Any other time we would be eating at a restaraunt , so not likely to
have a scale on me--or do you guys carry a small scale for eating out?

Can you tell I REALLY don't want to have to use a scale?  

Thanks for your long-suffering  patience! LOL
Charisma :)

> OK - look at it this way.  The way we cook it, 3 grams of cooked
> pasta by weight = 1 gram of carbs.  This works regardless of the
> shape.  Now, assume you are eating 180g of pasta (60 grams of
> carbs).  180g by weight of spaghetti is a lot less by volume than
> 180g of elbows, or 180g of ziti, or 180g of rotini....(the way they
> stack, how much air, how big the pieces, etc...).  So for pasta,
> anyway, the scale is key........regardless of the shape you can tell
> how many carbs in a serving....
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