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[IP] Xrays and pump

> Subject: [IP] xrays and pump
> I have had several xrays and 2 bone scans,(head to toe)and have never
> removed  my MM 507. Once or twice they put the lead apron over the
> pump, but the majority of the time not. Almost three years later, my MM
> is working perfectly fine, the only alarms I have ever received are low
> batteries and no delivery due to an empty reservoir.

I know several people who never wear their seat belts and have had no
problem -- yet. When the instruction manual clearly states to disconnect for
Xray, CT Scan, or MRI the pump companies are protecting themselves. Just
because someone doesn't disconnect does not mean nothing will be affected.
This is a YMMV - or better yet, YCMV (Your CHOICE May Vary).  This could
also be compared to diabetics who are non-compliant and those who are
compliant. There are still no guarantees on body damage. I know of some
twins; one of whom followed all the rules and has all the complications. The
other didn't follow any of the rules and has no complications. Go figure.
I'm not giving medical advice, but I think we should be careful in advising
pumpers to not follow instructions printed in the manual(s) because *nothing
has happened and I don't.*

Jan (60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83)

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