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Re: [IP] Weighing food for carb counting

OK, I STILL don't get it. 

If the pacakge says 1 cup of say pookiebeans is 15 carbs, and you only
want to eat 3/4 cup you could
a)measure 3/4 cup and then figure out 3/4 of 15? 
b)weigh the amount you'd like to eat,  then multiply by known carb etc. 

Seems like the second way you could be sorely disappointed if your
desired amount was WAY too many carbs, but the other way around, you
would have an idea of what was too much BEFORE you decided how much to

I am not trying to be daft here.  REALLY struggling with this for some
reason.  Isn't it about the same amount of work?  And if so, why would I
need to get an expensive (or even cheap) scale?

I think it was Ruth who said that sometimes a piece of bread is not cut
"standard" size.  But if we buy a loaf of store bread and all the slices
are the same, what is the difference?   Might you be talking about
homemade bread here? Ah aha ha ha ha ha ha  HA HA HA HAHAHHAHAHHA 

We seriously eat strictly measurable things except for the odd pizza,
which I am gonna be VERY careful of after reading this list!  Oh, and I
guess the occasional baked potato. But usualy he likes mashed, so it is
easy to measure in a cup, and use the "Food and You" book.
(I divide up the milk and butter per serving, but use skim milk, potato
water and usually no butter, so not much.)

One other thing.  We have a great eating out handbook.  I thought this
was standard, but if not, I would be happy to look stuff up for folks. 
It has all soerts of resteraunts listed in it!

Charisma :)
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