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[IP] how to wear pump?

I just read another person's prepump ? re this, adn I am asking, too.
(Sorry I erased beforeI memorized your name other Mom! )

Paddy is a VERY active 6 yr old who sleeps like he is in battle, and
rolls and jumps and takes baths ALL the time, loves to play with water
about 23.5 of every 24 hours.  He also really likes to squeeze into tiny
How do I keep him from yanking out when hyper, and how likely is he to
crimp the set while squished in a recycling box?  (don't ask, I have no
idea why--he just likes it  LOL)

He has no pants with pockets right now.  He wears no pants with belt
loops.  Always  wears soft pants(sweats, those jammie bottoms folks are
using for pants now, etc)  

Any ideas?  Wouldn't it be cute if they had(and maybe they do) a
shoulder holster type thing?  He loves to pretend he is a detective, adn
that would be just fun!
Charimsa :)
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